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 AVN EDUCATION is an all-in-one automated educational system that records all the educational processes of an educational institution. This system contributes to:

  • Revitalize the work of students in the semester and provide control over this work by teachers.
  • Creating conditions for continuous monitoring of the educational process.
  • Providing parents who have concluded contracts for the education of their children (for students studying on a paid basis) with continuous information on the status of educational matters.
  • Creating the conditions for independent work of students.
  • Organizing systematic ongoing control of knowledge in each subject studied.
  • Placement in the local information network of the faculty in electronic form for each subject of all the necessary teaching materials.
  • Creating an effective system of self-control.
  • Opportunities for access to external information space (in particular, free access to the Internet).
  • Ensuring virtual communication of the network user (including students and teachers) with the possibility of receiving answers to all questions of interest (“forum” in the FCS network).
  • The wording of the reporting form for each module and the definition of evaluation criteria for each benchmark certification based on the results of the development of the module.
  • activation of students and teachers throughout the semester;
  • the possibility of diagnosing the formation of "adverse trends" in the educational activities of a particular student, allowing you to take the necessary "corrective measures" on the basis of objective factors (the results of mid-term certification);
  • creating conditions for improving student performance, (a better understanding of factors affecting on student achievements);
  • the possibility of timely adoption of corrective decisions by persons responsible for the organization of the educational process based on a large amount of objective data;
  • creating additional motivation for students;
  • increased attention of teachers to the organization of classroom and extracurricular (independent) activities of students, as well as to forms of control in their discipline.
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