The «AVN" Company is one of the leaders in Kyrgyzstan in the implementation and maintenance of information systems for the all – in- one  automation of business processes of educational institutions, as well as in the creation of a unified information system for managing education throughout the republic.

We have vast experience and knowledge in the field of development and further implementation and maintenance of software products (API, WEB, LMS, EDOC, information portals, tests (Web and blanks), questionnaires, sites, interactive lessons, etc.), and as well as consulting services in the field of information technologies and increasing the capacity of the educational institution (95% of all universities in Kyrgyzstan).


Our aim

The main aim of the “AVN” LLC is the development and optimization of information infrastructure with software products and the deployment of a corporate network of enterprises, which increases the level of business culture and the development of a business environment to increase the range of customer services.


The company staff is 20 people in the state, 10 people are freelancers.

The main directions of the activity of our company:

  •  Development and implementation of custom software and finished software products from other manufacturers;
  • Software development for all-in-one automation of business enterprises and production;
  • Development of a automating system of document circulation in the business processes;
  • Installation, administration and consulting on creating a corporate network.

In our work we use: DMS - MS SQL Server and PostgreSQL languages and programming tools - Microsoft.NET platform (including C # .NET, ASP.NET), DHTML, XML, Java, jаvascript, C / C ++, AJAX.

In the process of development and implementation of a software, we adhere to the methods of software development MSF (Microsoft Solution Framework), which includes the stages: pre-design research, specification development, planning, design, development, testing, stabilization and deployment. While implementing a software, we pay great attention to the quality and protection of a software. Therefore, the contract for the development and implementation of a software includes a clause on a free post-warranty service for a certain period.

All – in-one information support of any organization is a large-scale task, for which two approaches are used currently.

The first approach is based on the implementation of the so-called ERP-systems (Enterprise Resource Planning), which are large software systems that require serious material and organizational investments.

The second approach is to build up an integrated enterprise (organization) management system from the bottom to up. In the framework of this second approach, the process of information support of the institution’s management is phased in nature and is based on existing developments, software and systems.

The following are the main points that form the basis of the information system management:

  • the presence of a unified corporate network infrastructure and a single development management center that ensure the development of information subsystems aimed at automating tasks;
  • creation of a single information space;
  • the full-scale nature of the system being developed, including control and management of access to resources;
  • personnel Management;
  • process management;
  • document management;
  • increasing the efficiency of structural units and the management system of the institution as a whole;
  • streamlining and supporting all the main business processes of the institution’s sphere of activity, providing means of systematizing business processes, raising them to a qualitatively new level;
  • the use of modern tools and technologies for the development of an institution management system - a database management system; Internet / Intranet technologies; OLAP - technology; specialized software; electronic document management systems; systems of final and intermediate control; social survey programs.

Our Clients are Universities and Specialized secondary school, Ministries, Private Medical Institutions and Organizations, State Departments.


We will be glad to answer all your questions, call +996 312 986 344

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